Monday, October 17, 2011

Toured 110 rooms and the grounds. It was great to learn about the Late Great Mrs. Winchester.

At the Mystery House on Sunday...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the park enjoying a day of sunshine.
Banana Bread baking frenzy. Holy cow, I had a lot of very ripe bananas on my hands. I made 4 loaves and 36 muffins. I still had more bananas than I could use. It is delicious. Thank you trusty Bread Boys Recipe.

Happy Birthday honey! A night out with friends and drinks after. Mike and Kenneth were able to make it and I had a fabulous mango-rita.

Skoal. A toast to a new life in the sunshine state.

I can remember when Cazden was the same age Sol is now. Not anymore. Caz is a middle schooler, with a girlfriend. Time flies by.

Sol is growing up so fast. He is such a little explorer. I can't believe how fast the time has passed.