Friday, October 31, 2008

On Gay Marriage and Prop-8:

Responding to Dad and Jeff:

Luci Says...

In America today there seems to be a lot of debate surrounding gay marriage and the sanctity of the vows of marriage. People believe that if same sex marriage is permitted, then their own heterosexual marriage is less legitimate. People should be able to marry as they choose and allowing that freedom means that we are a tolerant and accepting people.

When a teacher in Massachusetts read a book about same sex marriage to children, I believe that she did so in the hopes that she was teaching tolerance. School is a place for education. Simply because a child is told about something does not mean that they will take up that life style choice. Education is our worlds only hope for unity. Giving children a well rounded education ensures that they will grow up to be critical thinkers.

Steve says...

Marriage is an institution created by man. Marriage benefits are established by man's laws. Once slavery was legal. Once a white man could rape his slaves, beat his wife, and slaughter other cultures, all with the blessings of tradition, religion, and laws. In America, today, we vote on what our morals will become. In prop-8, the people of California will be deciding what the values of the future will be.

If you can, vote no on prop-8. Many people will vote yes, and I suspect that they will win. Eventually, however, a civilized, democratic society will have to grant everyone the right to marry whoever they wish. Such a theoretical civilized and democratic society would come to accept, by majority vote, that allowing all people to live as they please without harming others is sacred and is indeed a divine duty.

The great Lewis Black sums up our position on gay marriage below in the satire, Gay Banditos.

Warning: Not safe for work; May offend the sensitive viewer.

A devilish boy on Halloween.

Can you say cock-a-doodle-doo!

My day out at the pumpkin patch...
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Bath for baby

Momma and babe having a bath...

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